Proposed Legislation Seeks to Protect Feral Cat Caregivers

Multiple towns across the U.S. have feral cat population problems. One way to help reduce the numbers of these unsocialized cats is to spay and neuter them. Some shelters have programs in place for feral felines, though, a select number of citizens take it upon themselves to help out the local animal community by giving the cats veterinary care. Now a bipartisan proposal is seeking to provide legal protection to these good Samaritans in Maryland.

This proposal, which is being called the Good Samaritans Bill, has been introduced in Maryland’s House of Representatives and Senate, and it would prohibit local or county governments from passing or enforcing a ban on feeding or providing medical care for local feral cats. Additionally, the caregivers couldn’t be charged with abandonment if they were to spay and neuter cats and return them to their outdoor homes.

The Best Friends Animal Society group launched a Web page to help interested animal lovers encourage their local representatives to support the measure. The site has a sample pitch letter that people can use to contact their local politicians.

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