Professional Photographer Donates Skills to Help Cats Get Adopted

When you think of a model, you may not envision a furry feline. However, one photographer believes that taking glamour shots of cats will help these loving pets seem more adoptable. Penny Adams has traveled throughout the U.S. taking photos, but when she’s at home in Tennessee, she volunteers her time and skills to local animal shelters.

Adams owns five cats of her own and photographs many more. According to the Tennessean, she shoots 20 to 35 pets a week at Metro Animal Care and Control, and she volunteers in multiple capacities at the Cat Shoppe, a store that sells cat products. Adams takes the photos and edits them to show potential pet owners each cat’s good side. 

“It’s a simple and creative solution to a problem for shelters who are doing everything they can to give pets a home,” Adams told the source. People often look through hundreds of cats online, which can be overwhelming, but “it all comes down to the photo.”

Since Adams began taking photos at Metro Animal Care and Control, the shelter’s adoption rates have increased. The number of adopted cats has doubled and dogs have also been adopted at an increased rate of 50 percent. 

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