This Princely Pet Deserves a Lavish Palace, Even If He Only Spends 10 Minutes Inside!

Meet a very lucky cat named Prince Peachblossom. His mother, Frances Ratner, adores him like no other. Ratner felt her cat deserved a special treat for being such a special kitty… so she spent HOURS building him his own special palace.


The masterpiece is quite remarkable. It’s quite obvious that Ratner has some serious talent! She was SO excited to see her cat enjoy what she had created just for him.


Prince Peachblossom was quite excited too! He explored the castle’s tunnels and windows, making his way into each royal room. His cute face peering out of the balcony, as if to say: “This is ALL mine!”


This cat is a prince, right? He has to have his own palace! Prince Peachblossom appreciated his splendid castle … for a whole ten minutes.

He has ignored it ever since.

Typical cat. Gotta love them!

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