Orphan Foal Finds A New BFF (And It’s Hoofin’ Adorable!)

Prince is an adorable orphan foal that is getting lots of attention with his rescuers. How could you resist this little guy? He’s a lot of work but totally worth it in spades! Watch as he frolics around and spends some quality time with his rescuers and his new BFF, Feather. Isn’t Feather sweet? Prince is learning how to be a horse thanks to some great teachers!

Want to know some cool horse facts?

1. Horses communicate using their ears, eyes, nostrils and facial expressions
2. Horse herds use a look out. No, I’m not kidding! It is very unusual to see all the horses in a herd sleeping at once. One is usually awake and alert, making sure all is okay for the others.
3. Dogs aren’t the only ones with a keen sense of smell! Horses have much better smellers than us humans, that’s for sure!
4. Horses are becoming the most popular therapy animal, almost surpassing the dog. Know why? Because equine therapy can be very elaborate and beneficial. Petting the horse, grooming the horse, teaching the horse to follow you, and of course…riding the horse! They truly make excellent pets!

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