8 Tips for Preventing Cat Balcony Falls!

Cats love to climb things and explore ledges. That may include the top of your balcony’s railing, even though your kitty may not realize it’s three stories down on the other side of the precarious ledge. Here are some tips to prevent your cat from getting in harm’s way while still enjoying time with you on your balcony.

DIY Catio

Build your own catio or catwalk for your curious felines. You can do this with a customized, fully enclosed exit off of a window or exterior door that is just for your cats. This way, they can enjoy the outdoors without the danger of falling.


Train your cat to use a harness and a leash so your kitty becomes used to the fact that he can’t roam freely when he’s on the balcony.

Restrict Movements

Use the harness to restrict his access to the balcony or his movements on the porch. Cats often become injured when they fall trying to swat at a bird or butterfly, so keeping them away from the ledge is critical to preventing serious injuries.

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