A Presidential Tradition: The Furry Family Members Of The White House.

Pets do wonders for health and mood. Nothing is better than a little fur therapy after a rough day, and being the leader of the free world is probably a vocation that requires a LOT of fur therapy to handle. It’s not surprising that presidential pets are often as iconic as the man himself! In honor of the canines who served, we gathered a list of photos featuring some of our greatest (and not so greatest) leaders with their beloved and brave pups!

We begin our trip through historical companions with one of American’s most popular presidents, Grover Cleveland. President Cleveland, in addition to being the only person to be president for 2 non-consecutive terms, was also a huge animal lover. In addition to a myriad of dogs, he also cared for ponies, fish, and birds. Here he is with his grandson and one of his many dogs.


William Henry Harrison was one of our most accomplished presidents, with an affinity for pet goats. He passed that love onto his grandson, Benjamin, who continued the Harrison family tradition of presidential goats. Below is Benjamin Harrison with his family, and their pet goat.


Herbert Hoover was a very contentious president. He gave us Hoovervilles, but also Black Tuesday, and the name of a famous vacuum. He also gave us this photo of him looking dapper and appreciative of his wonderful pup.

432px-Herbert_Hoover_and_King_Tut (1)

Teddy Roosevelt is an often-overlooked president, but he had a great love of animals. He was an avid hunter, but he was also a conservationist. He put a great deal of effort into protecting animals, nature, and our resources. He had numerous pets, and he took his dogs everywhere, even on trips to Panama during the construction of the Panama Canal! That’s an attitude all dog lovers can understand.


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