Prada Just Announced They Are Going Fur-Free

Fashion trends are ever-changing and each season brings new styles. One trend that will not be coming back in style is fur. Many luxury designers are banning fur from their collections and taking a more ethical approach to fashion. Prada Group just announced they are going fur-free.

The iconic designer joins many others like Gucci, Armani, Chanel, Michael Kors, and Coach in banning fur. Prada took to social media to announce they “will no longer use animal fur in its designs or new products.”

Photo: Facebook/Prada

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection will be the first without any animal fur. Miuccia Prada, co-chief executive officer and creative director of the Prada Group, said that her company is “committed to innovation and social responsibility, and our fur-free policy … is an extension of that engagement.”

Fur Free Alliance in collaboration with The Humane Society of The United States has been campaigning to ban animal fur in the fashion industry. Together they are putting the pressure on designers to turn to more ethical products that would save more than 100 million animals that are brutally killed each year on fur farms.

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Consumers are changing their buying habits and wanting products that are fur-free. Designers are experimenting with faux furs and recycled products to create unique styles that are cruelty-free.

The future is fur-free. Thank you to all the companies that have banned fur from their collections. Fur belongs on animals – not on humans.

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