Human Casts Spell from Harry Potter on Dog. What the Dog Does After Has The Internet in Stitches!

Chances are, if you’ve been awake for the past two decades, you’ve heard of Harry Potter. The boy wizard with the lightning scar has had an immeasurable impact on popular culture. From the worldwide success of the J.K. Rowling novels (translated into 68 languages, with 400 million books sold), 8 wildly successful movies (with spin-off films still to come), and a cultural knowledge that is hard to beat, everyone knows Harry!

The fans of the series have always been stalwart and involved. If you’ve ever been to a midnight release for the books or movies, you know just how much they love Rowling’s masterpiece. But some fans go just a little bit further to show their support.

This dog might have had the most interesting training you’ll ever see, and it just goes to show that Harry Potter doesn’t only transcend languages and borders but also species as well! This is simply too amazing not to enjoy.

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