Postal Worker Shares Video Of Hilarious Daily Cat Encounters

Postal worker Debra Anderson has shared on her YouTube channel some videos of a daily sight on her route: a cat who waits at the window each day to pounce at her!

The first video, titled “Canada Post Mail Carrier VS Attack Cat….EVERY SINGLE DAY….love my job!” has racked up over 1.4 million views.

In the description, she notes “It is the highlight of my route and I love him!” She also added that she was pretty sure the cat “would rip my face off if the glass window didn’t keep him in.”


While the cat may not be her biggest fan, Anderson has taken the daily “attacks” in stride, even dropping off some treats one day on her route.

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“I did leave treats and a note one day in the owner’s mailbox. The note said ‘for your cat that hates me passionately, and yet makes me smile daily, Love your letter carrier Deb'” she wrote on YouTube.


Anderson has talked with the cat’s owner, finding that she also gets a kick out of her pet’s daily routine. “She says the cat literally waits all day until she hears the mailboxes ‘clink’ when I shut them…then moves to the window to ‘play,'” Anderson told her subscribers.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any further updates since the series of videos was first shared in 2017. Personally, I like to imagine that the cat is still up to no good, eagerly awaiting Anderson’s arrival each day so that she can protect her home with frantic energy.

Anderson still works for the Canadian Postal Service as of 2020, according to her Twitter.

Photo: Max Pixel

It’s great that Anderson had such a sense of humor about her feline friend’s over-the-top antics. Her videos have entertained thousands from across the world, giving them a glimpse into the unique perks of a postal worker’s daily route.

Watch the full video below!

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