Pet Group Shares Cooling Vests With Dogs During Extreme Heat

Many areas are experiencing record-breaking heatwaves, including Seattle and Portland that saw record highs of 115 degrees.

The weather is so extreme, that a nonprofit pet group, Pet Bloc PDX, has been working hard to help dogs who are living in the intense Portland heat.

Pet Bloc PDX has been offering cooling vests for any dogs that need relief during the heat.

Photo: Pixabay

They tweeted:

“Friends, we have more cooling vests that we’d love to get out to any hot dogs out there. We’re prioritizing houseless pets as resources are limited and they don’t have the option to stay indoors. Please keep an eye out for any animals that could use support and let us know.”

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Many pet owners have noticed the impact of the heat on their dogs, with some noting strange behavior.

Photo: flickr/OakleyOriginals

The nonprofit shared advice for those who have pets that are struggling with the temperatures. They said, “Try and get them to drink water at least – some things to try if they aren’t eating or drinking would be canned wet food – you can even freeze it for a cool popsicle treat! Same goes for bone broth or similar.”

Some locations in Portland are also offering “cooling shelters,” so pets and their owners can escape the heat for brief periods of time.


Even if pet owners are doing their best to keep their animals cool, it’s important that they recognize signs of heatstroke in dogs.

Photo: Twitter/Multnomah County, OR

Multnomah County shared a photo with the six commons signs of heatstroke in dogs, such as rapid panting, weakness, bright red tongues, diarrhea, vomiting, and thick saliva.

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