Wild Porcupine Still Comes To Visit Her Rescuers…This Time, With A Big Surprise!

A local potato farmer in Hoedspruit, South Africa, caught a baby porcupine in a trap, after he had eaten some of the farmer’s crops. Instead of ending his life, he brought him to Daktari Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage, a place that cares for orphaned and injured wildlife, and teaches local children to care for animals and their environment.


The tiny porcupine was only around a week old and never would have survived on his own, so Ian and Michele Merrifield, co-directors of Daktari, took in the baby to raise him and named him Spikey.


They bottle-fed him with normal cow milk, which they added egg yolk and cream to, as well as protexin, a bacteria that they need to aid in digestion. As he got older, he began eating maize porridge with chopped up fruit and vegetables. He loved to eat!

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