Here Are The World’s Most Popular Dog Names

6. Australia

Bella, Molly, Ruby, and Coco are popular names for female dogs and cats in the Land Down Under, while Charlie, Buddy, Max and Oscar rounded out the list of male options. And while the list didn’t specify between dogs and cats, it did offer some of the country’s most unique naming conventions. Apparently, the Aussies really love their pop culture, in particular Game of Thrones.

5. Mexico

According to, Mexico’s most popular puppy naming conventions are Oscar and Luna, with the latter translating in English to “moon.” Lola, Coco, Maya and Nina are also trending options for females, while Chico, Diego, Coco, and Paco were top choices for boys.

4. Ireland compiled Ireland’s list of preferred canine nomenclature, and this year women’s names — see Molly, Riley and Fiona — seem to be in vogue. The second place choice, Riley, was in fact so popular that dog owners have christened their boy dogs as such, too! Cody, Finn and Brody are also solid options across the Emerald Isle.

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