Pregnant Stray Rescued From The Streets Just Before Giving Birth

A very pregnant dog was rescued just prior to giving birth. A man and his wife were sharing a meal when they noticed the stray dog nearby on the sidewalk.

The man, Jacks Anderson, noticed that she kept looking their way, but didn’t approach them for food. Instead, she just continued to lay under the counter’s barstools, watching them eat their food.

However, when the stand’s owner noticed the dog in the nearby vicinity, she was quickly chased away.

Photo: Pixabay/MabelAmber

Jacks noted that the dog was obviously scared, and she quickly ran off and wasn’t seen again. But then when Jacks and his wife had finished up eating, they saw that the stray had made a reappearance.

However, now that they were able to get a full look at her, they realized that she was pregnant. They knew they couldn’t leave her and so they chose to help her.

Jack’s wife went over to the pregnant stray, who was nervous and keeping her distance. Jack’s wife placed leftovers on the ground, hoping that she would take the food.

Photo: TikTok/gatorsnuggles

Jacks’ wife stated on TikTok, “She was very skittish, but we could see some of the scars that she has, so I understood why she didn’t want to risk it.”

Eventually, the stray pooch ate the food, and then came back for more. The wife was able to hand feed her, getting her to come closer and trust the people trying to help her.

Very quickly, the dog realized that they were trustworthy and she allowed them to help her. They even got her to get into their car. That is when the pup, who they named Poppy, realized that she was in safe hands.

Poppy immediately settled down as though she knew straight away that her troubles were over and she was in good hands.

Jacks shared on TikTok, “I started to record the video of my wife comforting her, and I realized that Poppy had tears coming from her eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a dog, and it definitely made an impact.”

The couple took her for a medical evaluation. While at the vets she was treated for worms and fleas, but other than that, she was healthy and they were able to take her home.

Photo: TikTok/gatorsnuggles

Poppy settled into the family quite well, her personality coming out as she got more and more comfortable with her new family. She was initially only going to be a foster for the couple until she gave birth. However, they fell too much in love with her to even think about giving her up.

As Jacks and his wife explained, “Poppy will stay with us. We’re learning more about her all the time and building trust with her. I don’t want to send her to someone else to make her go through that again. She’s earned an easier go of things.”


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Eventually, Poppy went into labor and gave birth to some adorable little puppies. She will be caring for them until they’re all grown and old enough to go off to forever homes of their own.

As for Poppy, she’s already got a loving forever home with Jacks and his wife. We are so happy for her!


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