There’s An Entire Twitter Account That’s Dedicated To ‘Poorly Drawn Cats’

Art is subjective. Not everyone will love what you draw, especially if it’s not drawn well. But there is one Twitter account that is charming plenty of people across social media with its “poorly drawn” content. Poorly Drawn Cats is a page dedicated to cat drawings. Despite the name, it’s actually is fairly popular, and the art is not bad at all. The drawings are actually quite cute.

Brazilian artist Heloísa was the one behind the account, which began in 2016. The drawings feature roughly drawn contour-lines of cats. Fans of the page can submit photos of their cats to be drawn in the style of the account.

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While the style might be a little “crude,” it has become extremely popular. These portraits have become a cult-following online, and as a result, the page has gained more than 300,000 followers. Some of the Twitter users who’ve received their cat portraits have even gotten the results permanently tattooed on their bodies. As someone who loves both tattoos and cats, I’m seriously considering this myself!

Poorly Drawn Cats has become so popular in terms of requests, that they now have to stagger their commissions. They have to make announcements of when they will be accepting new requests. There is a small fee for commissions. A drawing of just your cat’s face will cost $12, while a full-body portrait is $18.

Even if you’re not a cat person, you have to admit that the drawings are just too cute. They certainly have a delightful charm to them. What do you think of them? Let us know!

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