Putting Up With Too Much Poop? Call the Turd Burglar!

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Enterprising thirteen-year-old Tyler Irvine has come up with a way to earn some cash while literally clearing the air: scooping poop. That’s right, the Canadian native offers his services to pet owners who have had it with trying to keep up on the poop. For $25 – $40, depending on the size of the yard, and an extra $2.50 per bag if Levine has to dispose of the debris, he’ll come out to your house armed with a scooper and a rake. And he won’t leave until the lawn is clean.

So far, the response to Levine’s unique service has been overwhelmingly positive. “From what I’ve heard, everybody loves the idea… They are happy to see the younger generation take their own initiative,” the teen told the Ottawa Sun.

As for what Levine will do with his earnings? The avid guitar player is saving up for a Fender guitar. And plans are in the works to add lawn mowing and gardening to the list of Turd Burglar’s services, so stay tuned for more from Tyler Irvine, poop scooping king of Woodstock, Ontario!

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Lydia Lee lives in Seattle with two sweet, if slightly out of control, dogs. She loves reading, food, and the opportunity to make a difference.
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