There Was A Danger Lurking In Their Yards But These Heroes NEVER Gave Up

Summer months can be stressful on wild animals. Lack of shaded areas, drought, and increased temperatures threaten their lives on a daily basis. There are hidden dangers as well, one in particular is right in your backyard.


A swimming pool isn’t just dangerous for your children, a wild animal can fall in, especially when they attempt to use a pool for a drink of water. While it’s challenging to keep everyone safe at all times, it is possible to eliminate some accidents by using your pool cover when your pool is not in use. Some covers are a cinch to put on and take off.


These amazing heroes weren’t able to keep these animals out of the pool but they were on the scene quickly, eager to do whatever it took to save their precious lives. Even mouth to mouth!

Remember, animals matter. Do whatever you can to keep them safe!

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