These Corgis Are Serious (Pool) Party Animals!

Summer is all about the pool and these Corgis are all about the party! Get ready to go on a wild adventure with a group of Corgis as they splash, jump, dip and swim–with giant Corgi smiles! Those signature short legs don’t stop them! No, sir! They are excellent swimmers. And just look at those adorable Corgi butts underwater. I can’t stop smiling! Check them out going down the water slide! So adorable!

Some fun facts about Corgis: There are two separate breeds of Welsh Corgis: the Pembroke and the Cardigan Corgi. Each breed is named for the town in Wales where they originate from. The Corgi also sheds twice a year and not so much in between. Interesting, huh? Also, Queen Elizabeth was given a Corgi puppy when she was a young girl (just a princess!) and has had a Corgi at her side ever since.

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