“Guard Dog” Loves Sunbathing on a Lounger by the Pool While on Duty

What do you feel when you see a “Beware of Dog” sign?

Most of us would naturally react with fear or caution. Chances are you would not even attempt to go near the gate where it is posted unless you had some sort of important business there.

Photo: Twitter Video/AGuyandAGolden

But why not try peeping through the gate for a change? Just to find out how big and ferocious the dog you are supposed to be afraid of is. Maybe it is not as bad as it seems.

You may even get the surprise of your life!

Yes, this viral video will turn your fear into loads of laughter. Already, there are more than a million people who have enjoyed watching this!

The sign, BEWARE OF DOG, is as menacing as any of those signs that you must have already seen in other people’s homes.

Photo: Twitter Video/AGuyandAGolden

Yet, as you investigate further, what you will see is a cute golden retriever who is enjoying itself by the poolside. How relaxing! It lies on a lounger, complete with sunglasses and one of its paws on a soft pillow.

How is that for a guard dog! It is so comfortable basking under the sun, as if it dreams of a golden tan just like most humans want to get in balmy weather.

Well, the dog’s name is Teddy, and he is definitely his owner’s best friend! No, being a guard dog is not among his canine strengths. He is too sweet for that.

Photo: Twitter Video/AGuyandAGolden

But Teddy makes life more interesting for his human buddy by being the sweetest companion animal. He loves chicken tacos, dinosaur toys, and watching movies with his best friend.

And that is not all! The two of them are also happily visiting a local shelter to make donations to help other animals in need.

Yes, Teddy shares everything his human buddy is interested in, including his generous heart!

Watch this funny video and see more of Teddy on Twitter!

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