Pooh Would Never Walk Again Until Tiny Bionics Gave Him A Leg Up

Groundbreaking Science Gives This 10 Month Old Cat The Ability To Walk Again!

Pooh, a 10 month old cat, had his brush with death when he was hit by a car. He survived but his hind legs didn’t. It was unclear if Pooh would ever do much of anything on his own… UNTIL the medical community in Bulgaria got creative.


The animal rescue and medical team raised $1600 to fund Pooh’s surgery to have bionic hind leg implants. His prosthetics allow him to get around all on his own, making cat life possible again.

Aren’t these things amazing?! Just look at those little bionic legs!


This 10 month old cat is now living his 10th life, happily and on all four legs! Pooh now knows to stop and smell the catnip every once in awhile!


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Watch Pooh’s heartwarming video below!

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