New Pet-Friendly Tech Can Improve Health And Help Prevent Loss

From the health-centric Fitbit to Halo, a new device that uses LED lights to project mood-depicting colors onto your face, wearable technology is clearly trending. Humans are learning, sharing, and staying connected at all times through devices as small and discreet as a watch. It’s only natural that the convenience and benefits of technology is also being developed for our furry friends! Designers have recently come up with some pretty cool devices, which enable users to track their animal’s location, monitor their activity, and even provide some awesome “dog’s-eye-view” camera footage! Check out a few of the devices that have caught our eye, including one that’s extra close to our hearts.


Dog and Kitten

GreaterGood is proud to announce our partnership with Poof! This device allows you to monitor your pet’s activity and is equipped with Bluetooth technology to provide you the peace of mind that, if your pet ever gets lost, you can easily locate her using SocialGPS. With the Poof App, users can track their furry companion’s exercise and sleep, including the time and intensity of each, and further provides a way to analyze their progress. In addition to providing your pet’s location, if your pet ever goes missing, the app allows you to easily generate eye-catching posters that will help them find their way back to their loving home. Poof also offers an interactive space where users can notify others of their missing pet and will also be alerted if a lost pet is nearby. The Poof App’s messaging services even equip people with the ability to communicate with one another when a lost pet has been found.

The Bean

The Bean is impressive in its size, measuring just 1″ x 0.39″ and weighing only 0.1 oz., which makes it ideal for any pet, including puppies and kittens. The Bean also touts an astounding 60-day battery life!

Price: $35

The Pea

The Pea is slightly larger than The Bean, at roughly the size of a quarter and .25 oz. However, the increased size comes with a 6-month battery life!

Price: $30

Bonus: Poof’s net profits are being donated to to help support shelter programs for animals still searching for their forever homes!



Border collie dog catching frisbee in jump in summer

FitBark allows you to monitor your dog’s activity, including the amount of time spent being active, playing, and resting, in an easily manageable system of BarkPoints. You can compare your dog’s progress throughout the week, while also seeing how he or she stacks up next to other dogs of the same breed and weight range, whose performance is also being tracked on the FitBark app. The site also allows you to snap easily shareable photos of your pet, and stores health information that could help your veterinarian determine a customized health plan for your pet.

Price: $69.95

Bonus: Users love that FitBark motivates them to get off the couch and out of the house. By having a better picture of their dog’s activity levels, they’re held accountable for their personal health as well as their canine companions’.


Two Dogs

DogTelligent’s Connected Collar boasts a collection of awesome features that can be manipulated and tracked through the DogTelligent App. While the collar and its accessories are currently in pre-production, the company is hoping to begin shipping in fall 2016. The collar, while a little pricey, is equipped with built-in ultrasound and micro speakers that enable you to speak to your dog from far away and curb excessive barking. Virtual Fence and Leash Technology prevents your pup from traveling too far outside a given area, and GPS allows you to track your pet’s movements. Finally, the app offers a place to store vet information, like your dog’s meds and vaccinations, and even sends alerts to your phone when your pet has an upcoming appointment.

Price: $120 (regularly $179.95), accessories sold separately.

GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness)

This awesome harness allows you to securely fasten your GoPro to your dog. Unsure of the benefits? How about this:

Price (for harness): $59.99

The Paw Tracker

Junge Katze springt über eine Wiese im Gegenlicht

The Paw Tracker is a GPS tracker that clips onto your dog or cat’s collar and gives you the ability to easily find your pet if they ever go missing. For cat lovers whose kitties are too curious to keep indoors, The Paw Tracker offers the ability to keep track of your cat’s comings and goings, making sure Mittens isn’t wandering into some dangerous areas on their daily adventures. While monitoring your pet comes with a guaranteed replacement tracker for the length of your subscription.

Price: $99.95 (for device), $7.99/month (monitoring fee)

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