From Killer To Keeper: How This Shelter Turned A Dogs Life Around!

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A sad truth about rescues is that many animals are written off as lost causes. Many animals you see in shelters have had traumatic experiences, and are often shy, scared, and even downright aggressive. Aggressive behavior can often lead to dogs being euthanized in kill shelters, despite the circumstances surrounding the behavior. It takes a very special group to give every dog the love and patience they need to recover. When they do, it is reason to celebrate.

This story about Baby Liberty. She was fortunate enough to end up with Poodle Rescue in Houston, a grant recipient through our Rescue Bank Program. After being abandoned by her family after they were evicted from their home. Her time alone forced her to become aggressive and suspicious, and her behavior certainly would have led to euthanasia in most shelters. Yet, as you will see, time and love can help almost any animal recover!

Watch Baby Liberty’s transformation from terror to love bug!

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Adam Greene may reside in West Michigan, but the majority of his time is spent providing a comfortable lap for his many animals. When not covered in cats, he is probably writing and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.
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