“Pooch Perfect” Was Supposed To Celebrate Dogs. But Many Viewers Saw Animal Abuse Instead

Actress Rebel Wilson may be known for her comedic chops, but not everyone was laughing upon the debut of her new dog-grooming show, Pooch Perfect, on ABC.

It wasn’t just that the show, which tasked competing dog groomers with transforming their pups into outlandish styles for a $100,000 prize, got unfavorable reviews. Upon the conclusion of Pooch Perfect’s first episode on March 30, viewers were left wondering on Twitter if they’d just witnessed an hour of animal abuse.


“This show is a disgusting display. This is not artistry, it is animal abuse,” one incensed Twitter user wrote after watching the show. “I totally agree. Shame on them all,” another viewer responded. According to Twitter, where Pooch Perfect began trending for all the wrong reasons, many viewers shared these concerns.

Photo: YouTube/ABC

But though Wilson, who described herself as a “fourth-generation dog shower,” hosted Pooch Perfect, she wasn’t the only person to demonstrate questionable taste on the program.

According to Yahoo!, judges also included veterinarian Callie Harris, celebrity groomer Jorge Bendersky, and Real Housewife of Beverly Hill and self-proclaimed dog lover Lisa Vanderpump. Now Twitter is debating the entire panel’s judgment.

Photo: YouTube/ABC

But those involved in making this program insisted their styling products and dyes were temporary, pet-friendly, and even “respectful” to the show’s four-legged contestants. “All this stuff is dog-safe,” contestant Jayne Gallagher said. “We respect the dog above all else.”

But many people on Twitter clearly disagreed with the assessment that Pooch Perfect is about “respecting” dogs. What do you think? Is this TV program creative entertainment–or is it animal abuse?

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