Bertie The Chocolate Pomeranian Looks Just Like A Baby Bear

Meet our friend Bertie (short for Bertram)! He is one of the most adorable dogs that you are ever going to lay eyes on. This chocolate Pomeranian is making quite a name for himself. It is probably not hard to tell why this little guy recently went viral. He’s just too cute not to share.

That’s why his recent Instagram post was such a popular one. His humans initially found him through the popular site Petfinder. He now lives in New York and spends much of his time at The Hole, his human friend’s art gallery. When he’s not there, he’s probably at home getting all the kisses and cuddles.

Because we’re nice around here, we are going to share our 15 favorite Bertie pics with you! If you’d like to find out more about his day to day existence, take a moment to follow him on Instagram….

1. This guy cleans up nice, doesn’t he? What a dapper fellow we have here.

2. Oh, the breeze and city life!

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3. Bertie looks so cozy, we want to snuggle up right next to him!

4. “Am I a movie star yet?” – probably Bertie.

5. Bertie enjoying the life of pets.

6. His smile is so cute, we can’t handle it!

7. We don’t think Bertie loves the cheetah print look.

8. Is this what heaven feels like?

9. We’re speculating here, but do you think Bertie is waiting for a blind date to arrive?

10. This is how college students feel around midterms.

11. Who’s a good boy? You are, Bertie!

12. He looks so sad here. He must not be the biggest fan of baths.

13. We seriously cannot get enough of his little grin.

14. He looks like a stuffed animal!

15. It’s been a long day for Bertie bear.

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