Family’s Dog Died In A Hit-And-Run Accident, Then Police Surprised Them With A New One

A German Shepherd puppy named Jolly has brought nothing but joy to one family who has been suffering through major heartbreak.

The Payne family recently lost their beloved dog, Beau, in a hit-and-run accident. They were left heartbroken and absolutely devastated.

Word of the family’s tragedy quickly spread, until local police heard about it. They were so sad for the Payne family that they decided to do something special for them to help heal their pain.

That’s when the Shelby County K9 Unit surprised the family with Jolly, who has brought them so much happiness so quickly.

A big thank you to these police officers for bringing joy to a sad family when they needed it most. It’s always so heartwarming to see people in the community step up and work together to help people out! And they got their new puppy just in time for the holidays, so it made them that much more special!

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