NYPD Performs Emergency Cat Rescue Under SUV

The NYPD will stop at nothing to keep the citizens of their fair city safe, even if that means crawling under a vehicle to grab them.

After a driver noticed a small cat darting between traffic on the Jackie Robinson Parkway in Brooklyn, he stopped short of hitting the animal, but couldn’t find where she had run off to. So, he kept on driving.

Eighteen miles later, the SUV was purring out to Harlem, and its unwary new passenger was doing the same. When the driver stopped, he heard the frightened meows coming from under his vehicle, and realized where the stray had wound up.

Source: Twitter/NYPD 32nd Precinct
The NYPD was called to rescue a cat from under an SUV.

The driver called the police, and they showed up to make the rescue. The resulting Tweet has gone viral.

“#NYPD rescued this #kitten trapped in the undercarriage of this vehicle,” the police department posted. “Not a good place for a #catnap, especially when we are experiencing #CodeBlue. With the help of @NYPDSchools, @NYPDSpecialops & 3️⃣2️⃣Pct Patrol this kitten 🐱 is safe in a #Harlem #animalrescue #shelter.”

Source: Twitter/NYPD 32nd Precinct
Seven officers got involved in the rescue.

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Seven officers crawled underneath the vehicle for the posed “rescue,” and they all helped comfort her with cuddles afterwards.

Now lodged at the local ASPCA, the kitten has been named “Chance,” after Sgt. Christopher Chance, one of the officers from the 32nd Precinct who helped in the rescue, the New York Post reports.

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