Police On Horseback Join A Social Distance Salsa Dance Class In The Park

Who knew that horses had the ability to groove with the best of them? I didn’t either, but it turns out that when it comes to salsa dancing, horses have it in them to dance just like people.

A video has been making the rounds online, delighting people with the reactions of police horses to an outdoor dance party.

In the video, which originated from the Netherlands, viewers are introduced to a hilarious scene that happened in a park during a social distancing dance-off. In it, a group of people are not letting the pandemic and the resulting strict measures get in the way of their salsa dancing. They were outside and maintaining social distances from one another when two policemen showed up.

Photo: Twitter / MMastenbroek

The group half expected to be moved along, but the opposite happened. In Zuiderpark, which is in the Hague in the Netherlands, two mounted policemen came along.

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Rather than telling the socially distant group to disperse, the police and their horses joined in on the fun.

The police let their horses show the group how it’s done, unleashing their dancing skills and impressing the group. Someone captured it on video and quickly uploaded it to Twitter. Online, many more people became enthralled by the dancing police horses and the clip soon reached viral fame.

Watch the video below:

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