Police Dog Gets Fired For Being ‘Too Soft’ Gets A New Job Chasing Birds Off An Airport Runway

I have found that there are two things that are absolutely true in life. The first is that when one door closes, another opens. And the second is when you follow your passion you never work a day in your life. Well, there was one police dog hopeful in Australia who inadvertently learned these lessons after being fired from the police force.

Back in 2018, Ozzie was born into a litter of puppies that were destined to be trained by Queensland Police Service. While it’s what he was bred for, as his training began and progressed, it became clear that the then 18-month-old pup wasn’t suited for life on the force – he wasn’t aggressive enough.

Ozzie might not have had it in him to chase down criminals, but he did show quite the knack for chasing birds. And like it’s been said before, sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. So, when the police door closed on Ozzie, another one opened in the form of a new opportunity for Ozzie to pursue his passion for bird chasing. The rejected police dog soon found himself with a new job at Brisbane Airport in Australia, where he could officially chase birds all day.

As Ozzie’s handler Jackson Ring, with whom he now resides and works with, said to Daily Mail Australia, “Ozzie didn’t portray all the necessary traits of a police canine – but he is perfect for what we want, which is introducing a predator into the environment.”


While it was a completely fun activity for Ozzie, his job of scaring away birds from highly frequented areas at the airport was actually very important, as the airport needed to reduce the number of birds on the runway in a bid to lower their risks of getting sucked into plane engines.

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Previously before Ozzie, the airport had been using cars with sirens, however, the birds soon got used to the sounds. Therefore, the airport had to revert to means that it would always work no matter what: dogs.

The Daily Mail reported that Ozzie was doing a fantastic job, as the birds were soon too scared to get near the planes, which was a good thing because it meant that the takeoff process would be much safer for both the birds and the people on board the planes.


Jackson said, “His priorities in life are ball, then breathing and then everything else below that. He’s perfect for us though because of his love of balls. He goes out and he’s so happy to run around. He has got so much energy. He will do whatever we want as long as he can come back and play with his ball.”

Ozzie’s job is truly a dog’s dream job as it comes with plenty of job perks such as loads of exercise, plus the occasional trips to the park on quiet days, where Ozzie and Jackson practice drills by chasing birds.

Jackson continued, “I love him and the team loves him. He is the biggest morale boost in the world. His duties out on the airfield and his training is one thing but another benefit of having a dog is he is an amazing companion. We have formed an incredible bond. Everyone loves him. He’s such a great bundle of energy and positivity running around.”

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