5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe In Sub-Zero Conditions

3. Collars for Cutie

In this case, collars aren’t just a fashion statement. Pets are more prone to getting lost in white-out blizzard conditions, so dressing your pet in a collar with tags could be a life-saving decision. Adding a microchip with up-to-date information is even better.

2. Be Wary of Winter Toxins

Antifreeze might be a magical elixir for motorists trying to plow through bad weather, but even a few wayward drops can be fatal for Fido or Fluffy. This common garage salve is a regular wintertime foil, because most anti-freeze agents contain ethylene glycol, which is toxic for pets. Per the ASPCA, it’s incumbent on pet owners to immediately clean up any spills inside their car, and to buy products containing the less toxic propylene glycol.

1. Eat Well, Drink Up

If there’s one upside in bracing for a blizzard with your pet, it’s that you can both afford a couple of extra calories, which will help you generate extra energy and body heat. Regardless, it’s doubly important that your pet enjoys regular meal times, as well as plenty of water, which will keep their skin hydrated despite the brittle air.

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