5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe In Sub-Zero Conditions

As a polar vortex grips North America this week, experts are recommending that people keep themselves — and their pets — indoors. But this isn’t always possible for dogs, which still require regular walks, or at least brief trips outside, regardless of the sub-zero temperatures outdoors.

That’s why we’re relaying some pro tips to keep your pet safe outside this week, because frostbite — or worse — can occur in a matter of minutes. Regardless, your dog should never be left outside alone on his or her own!

Photo: Flickr/Andrew E. Russell

5. Dress Warm

Photo: Flickr/Wonderlane

Just like you wouldn’t venture into a blizzard without a big coat and boots on, don’t expect anything less for your pet. Moreover, towel dry your pet when she/he comes back indoors, while paying special attention to toes and paws, which could be irritated by snowballs or salts thrown onto slippery pavement. A hair dryer works, too.

4. Limit Driving Time

Photo: Flickr/Accelerated Service International

Everyone knows dogs shouldn’t languish in hot cars, but cold, freezing cars pose just as much risk. “You’re already familiar with how a car can rapidly cool down in cold weather,” the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) wrote on its website. “It becomes like a refrigerator, and can rapidly chill your pet.” Old, young, sick, and thin pets are particularly susceptible to these elements.

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