Wildlife Photographer Captures Polar Bears Living In Abandoned Houses On Remote Island

Polar bears usually spend most of their time on sea ice around the Arctic Ocean, but one group of bears decided to take up residence in abandoned homes on a remote island in Russia.

There are photos to prove it.

Wildlife and underwater photographer, Dmitry Kokh, took a much-anticipated trip out to Chukotka and Wrangel Island in hopes of capturing polar bears in their natural habitat.

He located some polar bears, but not all were where he thought they would be.

“Being the far(th)est and most Eastern part of Russian Arctic, this place is very hard to get but also difficult to forget. We traveled by the sailing yacht along the coast and covered more than 1200 miles of untouched landscapes, villages lost in time, diverse fauna and seas full of life,” Kokh posted to Instagram in reference to his trip.

He encountered something unique when he arrived on the deserted Kolyuchin Island. The island once was home to humans who operated a meteorological station, but it has since been abandoned.

However, the buildings are being put to good use.

“Nature always sending you something when you least expect it – when we passed through the Kolyuchin Island near the Northern coast of Chukotka, we saw some movements in the windows of the abandoned windows there. And when we got close – those were bears,” shared Kokh on his website.

Polar bears were living in the homes and Kokh captured amazing photos of the bears poking their heads out the windows, standing on the front porches, and lounging in the yards.

He shared them with the world – who can’t get enough.

One fan wrote, “Like something out of a storybook! Fantastic!😍”

Kokh encountered other fascinating animals like the musk ox and walruses.

Check out his website and follow him on Instagram for more jaw-dropping images from around the world.

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