Local Dog Tracker Hopes To Tempt 110-Pound Pooch With Pizza Before It’s Too Late

Wyoming, Michigan, is far removed from the bistros of Old Napoli, and still hundreds of miles away from Little Caesar’s headquarters in Detroit — but that doesn’t mean you can’t find home in a hot slice there.

At least, that’s what professional dog tracker Lindsey Sturgeon is hoping. A Little Caesar’s pizza, among other favorites of a 110-pound female Harlequin Great Dane named Harper, are being used by Sturgeon to lure the dog home.

Harper escaped from her owner’s grandmother’s home just under a month ago. Although she’s been spotted, Sturgeon — the owner of Lost Paws, a licensed pet finding service in West Michigan — hasn’t been able to secure the dog.

“We’ve had several situations where we’ve seen her in this area, she has physically seen her owner and run from her,” Sturgeon told Fox 17 News.

In a nearby field where Harper had been seen multiple times, Sturgeon has employed trail cams, drones, three cages, and several more pizzas to lure the dog in. Adding urgency to the matter, a local hunter has said he may shoot the dog if it isn’t found, and wanders into his territory.

“We’ve had to have the police out several times. The owner showed up to check the cams and the hunter said, ‘you better hope that you get here before I do because I’m gonna shoot her,'” Sturgeon said.

West Michigan is also experiencing freezing nightly temperatures which may not relent until after winter subsides. Sturgeon and Harper’s family are well aware of the danger that faces the dog, and are trying their hardest to bring her home, although sightings have dropped off.

“She’s either moved to a new location with lower population and we’re not seeing her or they [the hunters] did follow through and they’ve gotten rid of her in some way,” Sturgeon told Fox 17 News.

Those in the Wyoming and Byron Center areas are urged to keep an eye out for Harper, who is microchipped and was last spotted between 52nd and 56th streets, and Ivanrest and Byron Center avenues.

Harper’s family is offering a reward for the tip that leads to retrieving their dog. Those with any information should contact Lost Paws, LLC on Facebook.

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