Dog Owner Creates Photo Of “Pixel Dog” And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

Animals are fan-favorites on the internet, particularly cute animals like dogs and cats.

Sometimes, someone captures an animal, perhaps a pet, doing something hilarious or adorable and it goes viral for all the right reasons. But sometimes, someone with a creative spirit adds their own twist to the photo and people love it even more.

That was the case for a Shiba Inu lover, who happened to capture a cute video of her dog looking in through the window of the door.

Photo: Max Pixel

The dog lover, Instagram user @ichi____kun, took the photo (and a video) and turned it into an analog pixel photo, and it’s so cute!

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The photo is broken into large pixels and makes the photo look larger-than-life. It was shared by @designboom.

Check it out below:

The photo quickly went viral. One person commented, “Reminds me of Minecraft,” while another said, “New Doge NFT dropped.”

Shiba Inus are an ancient dog breed originally used for hunting, according to the American Kennel Club. It’s neat to see that they’re still around and thriving in modern culture!

Photo: Pixabay/zimt2003

The Internet, in particular, loves Shibu Inu dogs and they’ve gone viral in the past (Dogecoin, anyone?).

What do you think of the adorable pixel dog?

You can follow @ichi____kun and Twitter to see more of her dogs and her work!

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