A Piglet And A Cat Met For The First Time. Two Years Later, They’re Still Inseparable!

This little spotted pig named Pixel was born and raised in Arizona. She lives with her loving humans and her best friend, a cat named Cloud.

Pixel and Cloud met when Pixel was just a tiny piglet. Two years later, her and Cloud’s friendship are even stronger! Their humans were unsure of how they’d get along at first, but they warmed up to each other very quickly. Now, they’re inseparable!

Pixel lives an amazing life. She gets all the veggies she wants, she gets to snuggle in warm beds, and she has her kitty best friend to play with!

You can follow along with Pixel and Cloud’s adventures on their Instagram account. And watch them grow up together in the video below:

You can also watch Pixel and Cloud cuddling together in bed with their human in the video below. Cloud begins to groom Pixel with some licks, and Pixel loves it!

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