Illinois Woman Designs Playful Pajamas For Pit Bulls To Show They Are Friendly, Loving Dogs

Pit bulls are sweet, affectionate, and most of the time big goofballs – but that is not how they are viewed by most people. Bully breeds are unfairly labeled as aggressive due to pit bulls being used as fighting dogs.

But one Illinois woman hopes to end the pit bull stigma by showing off their fun side with adorable dog pajamas.

It all started when Erin Crowley adopted a pit bull named Duncan. Just like most pet parents, she became “obsessed” with her beloved dog and wanted to spoil him with some dog clothing. However, she discovered that nothing really fit him.

At the same time, she realized that people would go out of their way to avoid her sweet boy.

“I noticed that people wouldn’t get in the elevator with us and would wait to take the next elevator — that’s how scared they were,” she told WTTW. “I felt so bad for him because I knew how good of a dog he was.”

But their time together was cut short due to a rare type of cancer. Duncan passed away when he was just 2 years old.

“After his passing, I was more determined to start a line that could help people see pit bull-type dogs in a different light,” Crowley said.

She is now the proud mom to a rescue pit bull named Dougie and the founder of Pittie Clothing Company. She decided the best way to help people learn about the misunderstood breed was to create colorful clothing for pitties.

Her mission is simple: “Melting Hearts, Changing Minds.”

The fun patterns will hopefully spark a conservation between people who are unaware of how amazing pitties are. And of course, her other goal is to make your pit bull the most adorable dog on the block.

Some of the favorite prints are: “All You Avo Wanted”, “Chasin’ Rainbows”, and “Smilin’ Sharkies”.

As if that wasn’t enough, she makes matching adult PJs so you and your best friend can dress alike. The clothing line was started two years ago and now includes bandanas, collars, matching PJs for adults, babies, and dogs.

“I believe a line of accessories and apparel – designed with love and intention and featuring bright, fun prints – can be a step towards changing people’s minds,” Crowley wrote on her website. She understands it is a process and focuses on “one dog and one person at a time.”

Crowley has always loved pit bulls and hopes to help more find loving homes by donating a percentage of her proceeds to rescues and providing dog gear to catch the eye of potential adopters.

Follow Pittie Clothing Company on Instagram to see all the ways they are helping pit bulls. Be like Crowley and give pit bulls a chance. Also, adopt don’t shop!

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