An Amazing Rescue That Will Leave You Breathless! These Pups Need Help So Please Watch! *Warning: There Are A Few Sensitive Images But Totally Worth The Watch*

A note to all of you: I debated whether this video was smart to share. Sometimes people get upset about certain things and I totally sympathize. Keep in mind that life itself can be very cruel and unfair but when there is such a happy ending, then maybe it’s worth looking into. Maybe we need to learn more about what happens so we can be more helpful. While I get upset often when I watch things like this, I also get inspired. And then it all becomes totally worth it!

Eldad is my hero! Hope For Paws is an amazing organization and every rescue I have ever seen is nothing short of a miracle. This one in particular, really pulled at my heartstrings. I’m a mother myself, and to see this mama pit bull give birth in a backyard made me so sad. What could’ve happened if she wasn’t saved, makes me want to hug my kids and furkids so tightly. This video makes me love people like Eldad. And people just like you, who take the time to really love animals. Because without them (and you), this world would feel so empty.

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