Rescue Pit Bulls See Snow For The First Time And Cannot Even Contain Their Excitement

Alex Knappenberger has many hobbies, including cars, motorcycles and woodworking, but above all, he enjoys spending time with his dogs. He rescued three pit bulls named Bruce, Lucy and Dexter, and is giving them the best life possible.

Now that it is officially winter, many places around the country are seeing more snow as it gets colder. Knappenberger’s town got their first snowfall of the season, and his dogs got the first snowfall of their lives!

He brought them outside to experience the white fluff, and to say they loved it would be an understatement. The dogs see the snow and cannot even contain their excitement. They dig in the snow, run around in it and then start wrestling with each other. They are each donning a big smile on their faces and wagging their tails a mile a minute.

The funny part is, Knappenberger says they don’t like to go outside if it’s raining, but clearly snow is a different story! Watch these cute pups’ first snow day in the video below:

Watch the full version of the video below:

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