She Was Terrified Of People When She Was Rescued. Then She Met Her Soulmate And Everything Changed

Daisy the pit bull is one of 27 emaciated dogs that were discovered this past summer, along with 11 dead ones, in a dirty home in Lake Matthews, California. The stench in the house was so unbearable that rescuers referred to it as a scene from Silence of the Lambs.

Riverside County Animal Services
Riverside County Animal Services

Their owner, Carl Dixon, was not in the house. They later learned that he had been in jail since May for trafficking illegal drugs, and clearly left the dogs in the home unattended since then.

It's The Pits
It’s The Pits

When rescuers were in the home, some of the pit bulls were very afraid, while others didn’t even hesitate to come right up to them. All they wanted was the love and attention that they had been missing for months. They got treated and were sent to live with fosters.

When Daisy arrived at her foster mom Debbie Munson’s house in Murrieta, California, she was terrified of people. Eventually as the months went by, she began to break out of her shell, but she was still very scared.

Debbie Munson
Debbie Munson
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