Pit Bull Loves Napping On Grandma’s Shoulder

It’s no secret that beneath their tough-guy exterior, pitties can be big softies.

While everyone knows this, it’s still nice to see a video that confirms it — in the cutest way possible!

Captured by TikTok user @fortis110673, a recent viral video shows her pitbull taking a quick nap in his favorite spot, on grandma’s shoulder:


The big dog, named Balder, can be heard snoring loudly and serenely in the clip, which has racked up over 440,000 views on TikTok.

Photo: Max Pixel

Other videos from the user feature Balder as well, showing how he spends all his energy before nap time.

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In a clip from around the same time, Balder can be seen playing with a green balloon, becoming a little frustrated as his attempts to grab it keep getting foiled:


Another shows why he prefers to nap on his grandma’s shoulder:


“Who said bullies are aggressive 😂” reads the caption of the video, which shows Baton patiently trying to nap on a couch while a dark grey cat paws at his face.

It’s no surprise he gets his naps in wherever he can!

Photo: pxfuel
Photo: Pixabay/Momentmal

The TikTok account, which has nearly 18,000 subscribers, represents the Fortis Fortuna VaLiDi Kennel, based in Russia.

Baton is just one of the dogs featured in their videos — and it looks like they’ve just welcomed a new member of the family:


The adorable video just goes to show that dogs aren’t shy about getting comfortable and showing their love.

See more from the dogs at the Fortis Fortuna VaLiDi Kennel here!

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