Pit Bull Mama Rescued From The Freezing Cold Along With Her 6 Pups

The weather can get quite cold in Oklahoma City, especially in the middle of February. Nobody knows this better than a pitbull mother and her six puppies who were abandoned outside in the cold weather.

The dogs were begging for help when officer R. Jenny was passing by on his patrol. He found the dogs in an alleyway, confined in a kennel, and abandoned in subfreezing temperatures. It was a cruel and cowardly act by someone who obviously doesn’t have a love for dogs.

The issue was brought up on the Facebook account of the Oklahoma City Police Department. According to them, Jenny spotted the dogs that were “left for dead outside in a kennel.”

Photo: Facebook/Oklahoma City Police Department

Along with his fellow officers, Officer D. Dutton and Officer J. Cook, they rescued the mother and her puppies and put them in a police car. Fortunately, all of the puppies were able to survive the 18° weather, according to the Facebook post.

Many people feel as if dogs are able to handle the cold weather because of their heavy fur coats. In reality, they are susceptible to the cold, just as you and I are susceptible to it.

Photo: Facebook/Oklahoma Humane Society

According to the ASPCA, pets can freeze if they are lost outdoors and they can easily become disoriented. Even if pets are left in a cold car, they are in danger and could freeze to death.

We’re thankful for what these great police officers were able to do for some dogs who needed help at the worst time. Fortunately, those dogs are being cared for and will eventually find love and happiness in a forever home. They were originally all put on a list to be euthanized, but the Oklahoma Humane Society stepped in a reduced the whole family.

Photo: Facebook/Oklahoma Humane Society
Photo: Facebook/Oklahoma Humane Society
Photo: Facebook/Oklahoma Humane Society

They said, “they are currently growing big and strong in a foster home! Momma is a gorgeous girl who is very sweet and loving, and all of her puppies are slowly getting chunkier and loving their new life!”

All of the dogs will be available for adoption in the coming weeks. You can follow the humane society’s Facebook page for updates.

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