Stray Pit Bull Hopped On A School Bus Looking To Find His Forever Home

It was a lucky break for one stray pit bull after he climbed aboard a bus.

The very friendly white and brown stray ended up following a group of students to a bus stop, and from there, he boarded the school bus. After getting on, the pit bull then refused to get off.

The bus driver eventually got the students to disembark, but couldn’t get the dog to get off. Neighbors and parents of the students tried to give the bus driver a hand, but they didn’t have much luck.

Photo: Facebook/Ryder the Bus Dog
Photo: Facebook/Ryder the Bus Dog

It wasn’t until someone brought the dog a meal that they were able to coax him off the bus. Since he was a stray, there was no one to take him in, so the pooch just wandered off.

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After that, animal lovers in the area of Dekalb County, Georgia, didn’t want him to be alone on the streets, so a group set off to look for him. According to My Fox Atlanta, a lot of the people who witnessed the “school bus dog” noted that he was not from around the area.

However, there were some reports of him being spotted in a local playground. Eventually, after a few days of searching, the dog was finally located after someone called animal control because he’d wanted into their yard.

Photo: Facebook/Ryder the Bus Dog

The school bus dog was eventually taken in by Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue where he was named Ryder. When picked up, Ryder was still a very friendly dog, and animal control had no problem getting him to cooperate.

Once in the care of Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue, he was given a clean bill of health before he was put up for adoption.

Photo: Facebook/Ryder the Bus Dog

He was waiting in foster care for a new home, but he didn’t have to wait long. After around 2 months, Ryder’s official Facebook page, Ryder the Bus Dog, announced that he’d found his forever home.

They said, “B-I-G NEWS!!! Ryder has found his forever home! Congratulations to Randy and Tony for adopting their foster boy, Ryder. A huge THANK YOU to them for giving this special boy the great life he deserves. Just look at this happy family!”

Photo: Facebook/Ryder the Bus Dog

How sweet is that?

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