Pit Bull And Pig BFFs Are Looking For A New Home Together After Their Owner Passed Away

We sometimes hear about people being referred to as “strange bedfellows” but it doesn’t get much stranger than a pitbull and a pig being friends.

“I don’t think they know they’re a pit bull and a pig. They just are sisters,” said Jessica Overlock.

The potbellied pig, Penelope Rose, is an absolute wonder. They even paint her nails pink! The pitbull is her big sister and she loves being around people.

“They eat together. They go outside to play and go to the bathroom together,” Overlock said according to 12News.

Photo: Facebook / Jessica Sitter Overlock

Unfortunately, they have to look for a new home because their owner passed away recently. At this point, the Overlock family is caring for them but they have their own pets and can’t continue to give them a forever home. They want to find someone to adopt both of those animals, and they must go to the same home.

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“That’s one thing I promised the little girl who lost her dad, that we were going to find a home together forever,” Overlock said.

Most people would not put Penelope and Ruby together, but the Overlock family feels that they will find the right home for these two loving animals.

Photo: Facebook / Jessica sitter Overlock

“I think their unique story and their unique relationship is what’s going to get them adopted together.”

Recently, Jessica Overlock updated everyone with great news: The duo has officially found its forever home!

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