Cat “Saves The Day” By Alerting Rescuers To Injured Owner

Our pets see us as their family. When danger threatens us, they may be daunted by the task but they rise to the occasion and give help as best they can.

While they’re not always able to swoop into our rescue, they can sometimes be just the persistent advocate we need in our most dire situations.

A woman and her cat in Cornwall, England have proven this to be true after the woman was saved from a life-threatening situation.

Photo: Max Pixel

It all started one summer day when the woman was out with her cat, Piran, near a large cornfield not far from her house. She was reported as missing shortly after disappearing from that area, by concerned neighbors.

The woman is 83, and it was unusual for her to be unaccounted for. More mysteriously, Piran seemed agitated and was all alone near the field.

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Finally, the woman’s neighbor called the Bodmin Police, who responded and searched for the missing woman, guided by the cat. She was found at the bottom of a 70-foot fall, “down a very steep embankment, with incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain,” according to a press release from the department on Twitter.


Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service quickly jumped into action, sliding down the slope and reaching the woman, then hoisting her back up.

She was airlifted to the hospital and is “still currently receiving care… is in good spirits and is being well looked after,” according to the department’s Facebook.


“Hopefully she will recover quickly,” wrote neighbor Tamar Longmuir on Facebook. It was Longmuir who found the woman after listening to Piran’s meows. “We would have really struggled without you, Thank you so much!” the Bodmin Police wrote in response.

“Piran the cat saved the day!” they noted on social media, praising the cat’s persistence and passion for helping his owner when she couldn’t help herself. Without Piran’s help, there’s no telling how long it would have taken for emergency services to be notified, much less to arrive and administer aid.


While the whole incident was no doubt painful for the woman who fell, it shone a light on the amazing bond she has with Piran, her loving cat.

It’s also a timely reminder to celebrate the love and care we receive from our pets every day, even when our lives aren’t in danger. Check out more from the Bodmin Police on social media for more about the rescue!

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