Mom Spots ‘Rare’ Bright Pink Pigeon In The Garden

A woman in Nelson, Lancashire thought she was hallucinating when she spotted something unusual in her garden: a bright pink pigeon.

According to LancsLive, 37-year-old Kelly Lunney was visiting her mum when she noticed the off-colored bird in the flat’s garden.

Lunney was so shocked by the bird’s appearance that she thought she was hallucinating seeing the bird!

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

After calling her mum to confirm she wasn’t crazy, Lunney pulled out her phone to snap a few photos and videos of the bird.

While the bright pink bird appeared to be dyed, Lunney suspected it could actually be an extremely rare pink pigeon.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

Speaking with LancsLive, she said: “Under its wing it’s got a bit of white so I think it is naturally pink. I did Google and it said there are 500 hundred pink pigeons but that’s in the world. It was quite weird though because the other pigeons didn’t go too close to it- they’re wondering what it is.”

Skeptics believe it was simply dyed pink with dye, perhaps for a gender announcement or party. People do strange things to animals!

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

But perhaps it really is naturally bright pink. It’ll be impossible to know for sure unless researchers get their hands on this unusual bird.

Check out the video below:

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