131 Pilot Whales Slaughtered In One Day During “Barbaric” Tradition On Faroe Islands

The sea around the Faroe Islands is stained red (once again) from the blood of hundreds of slaughtered whales as a tradition known as “Grindadrap” begins.

The tradition dates back centuries when Viking ancestors killed whales as a way to feed the people, but that is not the case today. Many animal activists claim it is a barbaric tradition that has no place in our modern world.

Photo: Pixabay

Save The Reef said, ‘On average, 800 cetaceans are killed each year in the Faroe Islands in the name of “tradition” despite less than 20% of the islanders even consuming pilot whale meat and blubber anymore.’

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The slaughter of whales has already begun this year, claiming the lives of 131 whales in just one day. The charity organization posted graphic and heartbreaking photos on Instagram to implore people to come together to end this animal cruelty.

Sea Shepherd, an international marine conservation organization, explained how the pilot whales suffer.

“The Faroese grindadráp is incredibly cruel with suffering caused during several hours while the pod is driven by dozens of boats. The pilot whales are then killed over an extended period (from minutes to sometimes hours) in front of their entire family while beached on sand, rocks or just struggling in shallow water until not a single pilot whale is left.”

Photo: Pixabay

Locals defend whaling claiming it is “a natural part of Faroese life.”

Páll Nolsøe, a spokesperson for the ministry of foreign affairs and trade, told Metro, “The meat and blubber of pilot whales has for centuries been – and continue to be – a valued part of the national diet in the Faroe Islands.”

But not all traditions should be continued, especially ones that harm animals.

Pilot whales are very social animals that live in close-knit pods of 10 to 20. They deserve better.

Sign the petition below urging the Faroe Islands Prime Minister to stop this cruelty once and for all.

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