Piglet Hit By A Car Drags His Back Legs And Cries Out For Help

We sometimes hear animal stories that are profoundly sad but they have an ending that gives us hope. That is the case with this Piglet, who was injured to the point where he couldn’t walk and was abandoned. It was dark outside and he was crying as loudly as he could. Fortunately, Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization was called when the right people heard the little Piglet’s cries. We can only imagine how frightened he was, being so tiny and suffering from so much pain.

When the rescuers arrived, they put a blanket on top of him to help him calm down. They were then able to grab the baby Piglet and take him to the car to drive him to the rescue center.

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

Villagers feel that the little Piglet may have been hunted ruthlessly by predators in the area to be sold for meat. He apparently had run until his legs gave out. The rescuers could not have shown up at a better time.

They decided to name the Piglet Tinku.

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

After evaluating Tinku it was determined that he had a leg that was badly damaged. They put the femur in a brace and kept Tinku in a cage with plenty of food so he could rest his leg.

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

He also had weakness in his other limbs as well. Although it wasn’t certain what had happened to this little Piglet, they did know that he needed plenty of ‘bed rest’.

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Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

Within a few weeks, they were able to start working with Tinku. He had difficulty walking because his legs kept collapsing but he also had a very strong determination. He would try over and over again to stand and take one step at a time.

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

Tinku had a difficult road to recovery but, with the help of his friends, he was willing to take it on.

It seemed like no time at all before this little Piglet was feeling better.

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

Although Tinku is not able to put his weight on all four of his legs, he is able to move around. He also is a very friendly Piglet with a massive appetite.

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

You may not have ever thought about it before but pigs are highly intelligent. Tinku recognizes his friends as being his helpers. He will go to them to cuddle and to play. It seems as if he realizes they saved his life.

It even looks as if he is smiling!

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

Before long, the little Piglet will find a forever home and plenty of love. His rescuers talk about the broken leg and how it could easily have been deadly. If he had stayed trapped in the dark, he probably only would have lived a few hours.

Photo: YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited

We are thankful that Animal Aid Unlimited was there to help Tinku. You can see more about his experience and story in the following video:

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