For These Unlikely Soulmates, NOTHING Could Keep Them Apart

Two tiny orphan animals, a pigeon and a bunny, were rescued and kept in an incubator, separated by a wall. But something, whatever that something was, drew them to one another. Like an invisible thread, they were pulled together until that wall didn’t even matter.

Love fueled that wall to be torn down… until they were united.


Proof that love cannot be contained. NO MATTER WHAT!


These two sweet, unlikely soulmates wouldn’t let anything keep them apart!

Thanks to Kildare Animal Foundation, both bunny and pigeon got a second chance. Located in Ireland, and founded in 1994, Kildare cares for roughly 100 animals at any given time. They help dogs, cats, and other small animals that have been abandoned or suffer from abuse and neglect. To learn more, check out their Facebook page or their website. Thank you, Kildare, for helping these adorable sweeties find true love!

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