How Do You Get a Lovable Rescue Pig to Sleep? Give Her a Kiss and a Dozen Warm Blankets

Would you keep a pig as a pet?

Many people wonder if it’s a great idea. After all, we are used to seeing them in barnyards, not bedrooms.

But there are more than a handful of reasons why you may find it enjoyable to have a pig for a pet. Here are some amazing facts about this creature, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  • Pigs are great at communication. Mother pigs sing to their babies as they nurse them. Pigs’ squeals, oinks, and other sounds have specific purposes as they “talk” to one another or woo a mate.
  • Pigs have self-awareness. Very few animals have passed the so-called “mirror test,” and pigs are among them. Based on a study conducted by Professor Donald Broom at Cambridge University, it was discovered that pigs understand a mirror as a reflective object and not a window.
  • Pigs know how to play video games. This is another ability that was discovered through a study conducted by Dr. Stanley Curtis at Pennsylvania State University. Pigs can play and have fun with joystick-controlled video games.
  • Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  • Pigs can be taught to follow commands like sit and jump. They can also play fetch like dogs. What’s more, they can distinguish things and remember the information they have learned for many years.
  • Pigs also have sharp memories. In another study by Suzanne Held at the University of Bristol, they found out that pigs can remember their food storage from various locations along with their quantity.
  • Pigs know how to trick other pigs into protecting their food.
  • Pigs can also learn how to operate a thermostat to keep enjoying the right temperature.
  • Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  • Pigs are hygienic; they love taking baths even though they don’t sweat.
  • Pigs are protective of their owner, and they can even help to save lives.
  • Pigs are optimistic creatures whose curiosity and happiness don’t get lost amidst hardship.
  • Pigs are lovable creatures. Once you get to know these animals, you’ll want a better life for them.
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

These are the truths that a man discovered when he rescued a pig.

Althea was just a piglet then, the tiniest piglet he has ever seen. The piglet fell off a truck and was running along the highway. By the time she was rescued, the piglet was hardly breathing.

The man took her home and cared for Althea. Soon, he realized that he wanted to adopt her as a pet after falling in love with her unique personality. He didn’t expect the tiny piglet to be full of fun and spirit after she recovered. Althea loved doing zoomies and playing games, which entertained her owner. She made her new family laugh a lot.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Time passed quickly, and Althea is now a grown pig who loves games and cuddles. She also has her favorite nighttime routine, going to sleep with a dozen blankets on her! In the morning, she gets up with all of these blankets still on her back.

She’s such a lovable pig, and very intelligent too. When her parents’ friends come over for a visit, Althea would take them on a tour around the farm. They too can’t help falling in love with Althea.

So, are you planning to adopt a pet? Don’t hesitate to welcome a sweet and intelligent pig into your life!

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