Everyone Is Falling Head Over Hooves For Tiny Miracle Piglet

Sadly, things don’t always work out for moms when they give birth. That’s what happened to Pickles’ mom. She gave birth to a litter that were all stillborn, except little Pickles.


The shock was just too much for Pickles’ mom to handle. Her sadness consumed her and she was unable to care for Pickles. So… the staff at Farm Sanctuary stepped in. YAY!

The tiny piglet is so cute, and so sweet, that everyone who meets her can’t help but fall in love with her. Her outgoing personality and little wagging tail is just too much to resist. She’s a total love magnet!


Sanctuary volunteers don’t find taking care of her a chore. They gladly give her what she needs… Like lots of love, bottles, and of course, playtime. Pickles will grow up just fine, all thanks to the love that surrounds her.

Are you in love with Pickles too?

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