Once Bound For Death, This Picasso Has Been Rescued And Restored

If the value of art can be found in the emotion it brings us to feel, this Picasso is truly priceless.

His misaligned snout the result of a genetic issue related to unrestrained breeding practices, 10-month-old Pit Bull Terrier Picasso and his brother, Pablo, were rescued by Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon. Without the help of their patrons, dogs like Picasso are often marked for an early euthanization, and have little chance at a full life. Fortunately LDR staff was able to see the beauty within the curious looking canine, so named for his likeness to the master’s work, and his hopeful heart.

Since then, Picasso’s lovable mug has travelled from Porterville, California, around the internet, generating quite a lot of attention. It seems the rest of the world admires this work of art, too.

“He can eat sideways, but he’s a very messy eater,” Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue told the Huffington Post. “Same with water.”

The organization has received over $2,000 in donations toward Picasso’s upcoming dental surgery, according to WGN, which is hoped to correct his misaligned snout. LDR then hopes to place both Picasso and Pablo in the same home.

“Picasso could teach others what we share in common is more important than what is different,” Wilhardt said. “People are the same. No matter where people are from, or what they look like, we are the same.”

Picasso shouldn’t have any trouble finding a forever home once his snout is secure, and if you’re interested in another happy ending, click the button below to read about a dog who, after eight days in the Santa Cruz mountains, was desperately hoping for home as well.

Matthew Russell is a West Michigan native and with a background in journalism, data analysis, cartography and design thinking. He likes to learn new things and solve old problems whenever possible, and enjoys bicycling, going to the dog park, spending time with his daughter, and coffee.

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