Photographer Captures Beautiful Photos Of Pastel Parrots In Love

Nature is nothing short of fascinating. There are so many animals that have unique appearances, but when it comes to color in the animal kingdom, there is no shortage amongst birds. Different bird species have become famous for their plumage. However, thanks to a photographer named Rupa Sutton, we’re getting our hearts stolen by a group of Pacific Parrotlet birds. The photographer, who also happens to be their owner, introduced the world to the adorable Winter, Sprig, River, and Rain.

The tiny parrots are only 4 or 5 inches tall, but they’re still as diverse in their personalities as their larger and more well known Amazonian cousins. These four birds, in particular, have been captured on camera thanks to Rupa, who has created a special little narrative for her pets. As it turns out, these little parrots are quite fond of one another and have formed a cute little friendship as a result.

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These beautiful pastel parrots are known to frequently cuddle one another as well as preen one another’s plumage. And it is these little daily acts of kindness that have their photographer owner constantly wanting to capture. Rupa has admitted that her birds have brought her a lot of happiness and laughter.

Rupa further shared on her Instagram that she’s fascinated by the emotional intelligence that these birds display, as well as their overall aesthetic. Because of this, she’s grown very fond of capturing them on camera, calling them her “favorite subjects.” She added that she loves using her work as a means of sharing an emotional story, something that her birds provide for her in spades.

Since starting to photograph them on a very regular basis, Rupa has managed to get a more in-depth look at who these birds are on a macro lens scale. As a result, she’s come to be fascinated by all their little details that most would never get to see, such as their teeny eyelashes, their tongues, plus the detailed color of their feathers.

Rupa said, “What I enjoy most about sharing the birds is hearing back from people that our pictures have inspired them, brought a smile to their day or allowed them to briefly escape to a storybook place where fluffy birds find true love.”

It is no surprise – given the amount of care and dedication she puts into these photos – that these pictures turned out to be beautiful works of art. Check them out below:

Photo: Instagram/freyaeverafter_
Photo: Instagram/freyaeverafter_
Photo: Instagram/freyaeverafter_
Photo: Instagram/freyaeverafter_
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